Camping with Sasquatch (Lethal Chicken Games, 2018)

Played: November 25, 2018

The gist of the game: A self-described cross between rummy and slapjack, Camping with Sasquatch involves creating sets of cards. Sets can have three identical cards or three different cards within the same category (Ghost Stories, S’mores, Camping, Swimming, Hiking, Tippy Canoe, etc.) with Sasquatch cards used as wild cards within a set. The artwork is magnificent, game-play is quick, and start-up learning curve is not especially steep.

Color commentary: This is a fun game where strategy is light but not non-existent. At least with two people, the strategy seems to be a miser, only adding to sets if you can complete it at the same time (a set consists of three cards). Otherwise, it always seems to be in your best interest to just start a new set to prevent the other player from taking it. Additional play, and additional play with additional players, should help determine if this is the case. Especially with the 5-point bonus for being the first to run out of cards, accomplishing that feat may well offset any sets you miss out on. In each of the games we played, the player who ran out of cards first always won, even if they had not captured any sets.

The publishers say it is for ages 8 and up, but individuals a couple of years younger are likely to be able to play and enjoy the game, especially with the guidance of older players.

The game is also designed for 2-8 players, and more fun may be had with more than just two players. There are 128 cards, and with only two people starting with initial hands of 7 and drawing one, playing two, not that many cards get cycled through.

Estimated play time is 10-20 minutes, which was accurate, even for the first game. Combined with the gentle learning curve (we figured out the flow in just a couple of draws), this can be a quick filler game even if there’s not time for a more elaborate game.

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