Horrified Reprise

Date played: November 26, 2021

Color commentary: It was a close one, folks. For our second game (the first being months ago, and the subject of a previous post), we pretended that we remembered the game well enough to move on from their recommended first-game monsters to our own choice. We also have little faith in ourselves, and picked the two easy monsters, Dracula and the Invisible Man. We dispatched Dracula with little difficulty, but the Invisible Man was a trickier foe. He required items from specific locations to be dropped off at the precinct. Let’s just say we spent all of the possible items from one of those locations trying to defeat Dracula and ward off attacks against our persons that would have raised the terror level and forced us to being our next turn from the hospital. So we’re steadily making our way through the Monster deck, with no hope to get an item from the last location we need until we cycle through all the items in the item bag and then refill the bag with the discarded items.

You lose the game if the terror level gets too high, or if you need to draw a Monster card and there isn’t one available. We were hoping we would get lucky and draw an item from the Inn soon after we replaced the items in the item bag, so M and I had our characters lurking around the Inn (conveniently located two locations away from the precinct, and 5 locations away from where the Invisible Man was generally skulking around, since he always moves toward the closest player). M draws the last Monster card (which thankfully gave us the item we needed), so the next turn is mine. I use a perk card to get me to the Inn (not an action) to retrieve that item (action). I use another perk card to go to the precinct (not an action) where I drop off the item we need as evidence (action). M plays a perk card to move the Invisible Man three spaces so he meets me in the precinct (not an action). Once we’re in the same space, I deploy enough red items to trap the Invisible Man (action). So we won the game with one action to spare.

I think the first time we played (but I have not actually re-read that blog post), we didn’t worry too much about helping Villagers make it to their safe locations because we were too preoccupied trying to figure out how the game worked. This game, though, we dutifully shepherded villagers around, depositing them at their safe locations as we came to them. Doing so allowed us to draw perk cards, which are what ultimately enabled us to win the game. And let me just add, the monsters are only “easy” if you are able to manage your items in a reasonable manner and don’t blow the items you need less than halfway through the game!

The game was more fun than I remembered, which was pleasant, especially since there’s an expansion coming out with US cryptozoological monsters like Bigfoot and the Jersey Devil that is already on M’s wish list.

Updated ratings (assuming we rated it before):
Petra rating: 9/10
M rating: 9/10

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