SeaFall (IronWall Games, 2016)

SeaFall 2

Gist of the Game: It comes in a large box. In the box there are many pieces. There is a long instruction manual. The makers provide a 45-minute “Getting Started” video online.

Color Commentary: Given that I strained a muscle in my legs squatting over my printer/copier to copy the 289723879247348934-page instruction manual, I should have suspected that maybe this game wasn’t going to go as well as some others we’d roped people into playing with us. We were going to play-test it for use in a class I was going to be teaching, and convened a special game night for that very purpose. We opened the box, peering inside like frightened children. The sheer magnitude of what lay before us was overwhelming. When the four of us began looking through the rules, we couldn’t make sense of them. We couldn’t even discern a basic objective. All I remember is that there are seasons within the game. Seeking guidance from those with more gaming prowess than ourselves, we took to the internet. What we found was a 45-minute “Getting Started” video, which I think was distinct from a video actually teaching you how to play. I think it was concerned only with getting everything set up. We gave up, ate Thai food, and played Guillotine instead.