HovelCon 2021 Preview

Feliz Navihovel!

Hoveleux Noel!

Frolich Hovelnachten!

The season’s upon us, when the weather turns, and we are no longer in danger of dying of heat stroke by trying to play a game out of reach of a fan.

In what we have decided will be a yearly tradition, M and I will mark the beginning of HovelCon, our DIY board game convention held within the confines of our apartment and involving only us, tomorrow, lasting until Sunday.

Although the exact order of games is yet to be determined, we have on the docket:

M’s choices:
Western Legends
Godzilla Tokyo Clash

My choices:
Marvel United
The Rival Networks
Duelosaur Island

While we took a break for the summer months due to the aforementioned lack-of-fan-accessibility-in-gaming-space issue, HovelCon will be providing us with 4 new opportunities to blog. You may recall that we’ve already written about Horrified and Godzilla Tokyo Clash, but the remaining games have yet to be played. I’ll also try to be better in the coming months about playing somewhat more consistently. The past year has been challenging, but I’m starting to re-emerge from my shell again and am excited to play games more regularly.

Watch for updates throughout the weekend!

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